1. FISCO BCOS Environment Configuration

This page discussed the configuration steps to set up Fisco Bcos IDE.
ChainIDE's FISCO BCOS version is v 2.8.0

Create a new FISCO BCOS Project

To create a new project using FISCO BCOS, enter the ChainIDE homepage at https://chainide.com/, and click on the "Quick Start" button as shown below.
ChainIDE Homepage
Create a new project
Select Fisco and import a project from GitHub or local storage if you have already created one, or choose a blank template or built-in templates, and write down the smart contract according to your requirements.
Upload or continue with new project creation

2. Switch Accounts

To switch accounts to Fisco, Click the wallet button in the lower right corner of the project, and choose Fisco. ChainIDE has 10 built-in accounts, and users can switch between them freely.
Switch to Fisco accounts