New Version Project Migration
ChainIDE has been upgraded from ChainIDE 2.0.0 to ChainIDE 2.1.0, users can use the following methods to migrate data from ChainIDE 2.0.0 to 2.1.0

5.1 Download Project(s) on ChainIDE 2.0.0

First, open the Explorer module of the corresponding projects on ChainIDE 2.0.0, right-click the blank area, and click the download button to download a file with the file
Figure 1. Demonstration on how to download a project using ChainIDE 2.0.0
Once you click the download button, the selected project would be downloaded to downloads.
Figure 2. Download Selected Projects

5.2 Upload Project(s) on ChainIDE 2.0.1

Once you have downloaded all the projects using ChainIDE 2.0.0 that you want to migrate to ChainIDE 2.0.1, Simply go to ChainIDE 2.0.1. Users can see the New Project button as shown in Figure 2. Simply click here and choose the blockchain you want to use for your project.
Figure 3. Proect Migration Process
As we can see in figure 4, we have three choices for the blockchains where we can import our downloaded projects, you can choose any of them according to your requirements. Figure 05 and Figure 06 show the Binance and Chain33 blockchain respectively. If a user wants to deploy your imported smart contract to Binance Smart Chain(BSC), then users should choose the binance environment as shown in figure 5, and if a user wants to deploy a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, then a user should choose the ethereum environment as shown in figure 4.
Figure 4. Importing a Project
Figure 5. Project Migration to Binance
Figure 6. Project Migration to Chain33
Once you have chosen the blockchain environment and then press the "Import Project" button. A window like shown in figure 7 would pop up, and you can choose your downloaded project to upload.
Figure 7. Project Migrartion to the Selected Blockchain
Once you have chosen the project, click the confirm button and the project will be uploaded to the new version, and to the selected blockchain. You can access all the files in a project through the "Explorer" panel.

5.3 Clone a Smart Contract from Github

To clone a smart contract from Github, users simply need to enter the IDE’s dashboard page and click the Create Project button and choose a blockchain environment. Click the Import Project button to upload from Github by providing the Github clone address.
Figure 8. Clone a project from Github
And if you are not sure how to get the link for cloning the project from Github, simply check figure 9.
Figure 9. Clone a porject from Github
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