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3. ChainIDE - Loading Your Work

ChainIDE allows to load your work from Github as well as from local storage

Loading to ChainIDE

ChainIDE allows you to load your work from Github as well as from local storage. To load your work, select the following menu options. First of all, go to the homepage of ChainIDE, click try now, and you can access the public blockchains that ChainIDE supports.
1. ChainIDE Homepage
Once you click on "Try Now" it will redirect you to create "New Projects", there you can access documentation of ChainIDE and can join the ChainIDE forum for discussion, where the ChainIDE team discusses different topics in blockchain according to the need of their users.
2. Create New Project Window in ChainIDE
Now, you can import your project to your desired blockchain. On the left side, 05 supported blockchains are listed, you can choose any of them for which you want to import your project.
3. Import Project Window in ChainIDE
Once you click on "Import Project", there are two options further that either you want to import from local storage or from Github. If you want to import from local storage such as computer, USB, etc., you need to choose "Upload Project" and you can simply drop your project to the below-highlighted area.
4. Upload Project Window in ChainIDE
If you want to import your project from Github, click on "Clone from Github" and paste the link to the Github repository, the one you want to import and use in ChainIDE. The method to get the link for the Github repository is shown in Fig. 06. You need to go to Github, choose the repository you want to import in ChainIDE, click on "Code", and copy the HTTPS link.
5. Upload You Work from Github or Local Storage in ChainIDE
6. How to Get the Link for the Github Repository