4. Using Ganache v7

Create a local blockchain environment using Ganache v7

Consensys Announces the Sunset of Truffle and Ganache and New HardHat Partnership, more details.

1. Open Sandbox

Note: Sandbox functionality is only available after logging in to ChainIDE via GitHub.

Open Sandbox

2. Start Ganache

Launch a local chain that can be accessed by clients outside of the terminal by entering ganache with parameters:

ganache -h

3. Port Forwarding

To allow other clients to access the launched Ganache via a link, refer to ChainIDE - Port Forwarding to forward the HTTP 8545 port, and copy its address (for example: https://sandbox-1e82a87a951241179f98494a6dbb2617-ethereum-8545.uat-sandbox.chainide.com).

You have successfully launched a Ganache local blockchain. Next, you can connect to this chain through Metamask or deploy contracts using Truffle or Hardhat, with a chain ID of 1337.

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