2.2. Editor

This section covers the detail information about the editor panel of ChainIDE

ChainIDE provides a one-stop solution for their users by creating the facility to provide all the required operations in the form of a single IDE that supports multiple file types, With support for multiple languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Solidity, etc. and much more. ChainIDE helps you be instantly productive with syntax highlighting, bracket-matching, auto-indentation, snippets, and more.

The highlighted area shown in figure 1 is the editor panel of ChainIDE. Users can easily make changes to the templates available on each blockchain site and set them according to their requirements. Or can create a new project and different files into a project and can use the editor panel for writing the code. It supports Intellisense, syntax highlighting, and much more.

1. Splitting Editor Panel

The Splitting panel allows split into two panels; you can open different files in different editor panels. The files can be directly dragged and dropped to both of these panels for viewing, editing, and other purposes. To split an editor panel into two, click the split button, as shown in the figure below.

If you click the splitting button once, the terminal panel will split into two panels, and the file that will be opened in the first terminal panel at the split time will be open in the second split panel; you can drag and drop any file from the explorer panel to any of the editor panel.

2. Close, Close Group, Close All

As described in figure 4, if you select a file and right-click, you will get three options: close, close group, and close all. Here is what all these three options do:

  • Close: Closes one single file.

  • Close Group: ChainIDE has two groups that use the close group option, one is the editor panel, and the other one is the preview panel. The close group option is used to close these panels separately. For example, if you have opened a file in the editor panel and you click on the close group, all the files in the editor panel will be closed, but it will not affect any files opened in the preview panel. The same is the case on the editor panel side, if you choose the close group in the preview panel, all the files in the preview panel will be closed, and it would not have any effect on the editor side.

  • Close All: Closes all will close all the files opened in the editor panel and preview panel.

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