5. Using Conflux-Truffle

Use Conflux-Truffle to quickly build a dApp on Conflux Core

This tutorial is suitable for Conflux Core.

1. Open Sandbox

Note: Sandbox functionality is only available after logging in to ChainIDE via GitHub.

Open Sandbox

2. Create a project

create project

create a empty project

$ cfxtruffle init 

create project from templates -- box

$ mkdir MetaCoin
$ cd MetaCoin
$ cfxtruffle unbox metacoin

A cfxtruffle project will include these folders:

  • build contract compiled stuff(json)

  • contracts solidity code

  • migrations migration scripts

  • test testing file

  • truffle-config.js config file

create new contracts, tests, migrations

cfxtruffle create Helper to create new contracts, migrations and tests

$ cfxtruffle create contract MetaCoin
$ cfxtruffle create migration MetaCoin
$ cfxtruffle create test MetaCoin

The create command will create files in contracts, migrations, test folder. Notice the automated created migration file's name will include timestamp, you need manual change to the correct sequal number. For detail reason check here

3. Compile contract

$ cfxtruffle compile

All compiled stuff saved at build folder.

4. Deploy to remote node

cfxtruffle now support deploy contract to a remote node, the only work to do is set the privateKeys in truffle-config.

development: {
    host: "test.confluxrpc.com",
    port: 80,
    network_id: "*",
    type: "conflux",
    // the magic field
    privateKeys: ["keys1xxxxxx", "keys1xxxxxx"],   // you can also directly set one key here: privateKeys: "one key"

5. deploy contract

$ cfxtruffle deploy # or cfxtruffle migrate

deploy is a alias to migrate, truffle use migration command run contract deploy and migrate.

  1. Every script in migration folder define a migrate task, if you add a new contract you should add a new migration scripts.

  2. Every truffle project will have a contract called Migration which used to save the project's last migration number, this contract have two method: last_completed_migration(), setCompleted(num)

  3. When cfxtruffle deploy run it will get the last deployed number from chain, will only run new added migration tasks.

cfxtruffle deploy also provide three paramter (--reset, --from, --to) which can control the migration running rule. For detail explanation check here

6. interact with contract

cfxtruffle also provide a command that enable us interact with a contract convenient.

$ cfxtruffle console  # run console in your project root, it will open a interactive console
# initiate a contract instanse
cfxtruffle(develop)> let instance = await MetaCoin.deployed()
cfxtruffle(develop)> instance
# invoke contract state query method
cfxtruffle(develop)> let balance = await instance.getBalance(accounts[0])
cfxtruffle(develop)> balance.toNumber()
# invoke contract state change method
cfxtruffle(develop)> let result = await instance.sendCoin(accounts[1], 10, {from: accounts[0]})
cfxtruffle(develop)> result
# most truffle commands also available here
cfxtruffle(develop)> compile
cfxtruffle(develop)> networks
# You can also access to `js-conflux-sdk`'s cfx, cfxutil
cfxtruffle(develop)> let balance = await cfx.getBalance("0x-one-address")
cfxtruffle(develop)> cfxutil.unit.fromCFXToDrip(123)

For detail documentation check truffle console and interact with contract. And for the documentation of js-conflux-sdk find it here

7. Contract testing

Truffle comes standard with an automated testing framework (built onto mocha and chai)

Unit test code examples

const MetaCoin = artifacts.require("MetaCoin");

contract('MetaCoin', (accounts) => {
  it('should put 10000 MetaCoin in the first account', async () => {
    const metaCoinInstance = await MetaCoin.deployed();
    const balance = await metaCoinInstance.getBalance.call(accounts[0]);

    assert.equal(balance.valueOf(), 10000, "10000 wasn't in the first account");

run tests

$ cfxtruffle test

8. Truffle commands not supported now

  • develop

  • build

9. Conclude

This quickstart showed you the basics of the Truffle project lifecycle, but there is much more to learn. Please continue on with the rest of conflux-truffle github repo.

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