1. Ethereum IDE Environment Configuration
This section discusses the environment configuration detail for Ethereum IDE to develop applications and deploy on the Ethereum blockchain.

1. Create a new Ethereum Project

First enter the ChainIDE entry page, click "Try Now", you can view all files, and click New Project to create Binance, Chain33, Ethereum, and Fabric chain projects. As we are going to configure Ethereum, so we will use Ethereum for the demonstration purpose.
1. ChainIDE Dashboard for Ethereum
Click the 'New Project' button, choose Ethereum on the left, and choose a project template on the right to create an Ethereum project
2. Built-in Templates for Ethereum
3. Before MetaMask wallet configuration
Before moving further, please make sure that you have already installed the MetaMask wallet browser plug-in, it is suggested to pin the extension in your browser, so you can do all the configurations easily.

2. Configure MetaMask Wallet with Ethereum IDE(MetaMask official download site: https://metamask.io/)

After creating the project, click the unconnected button in the upper right corner, select the Injected Web3 Provider button, and select the MetaMask wallet, that is, connect to the MetaMask wallet
4. MetaMask wallet configuration for Ethereum with ChainIDE
5. After MetaMask Connection
6. Get some dummy ETH using Goreli Test Network
Click on the MetaMask wallet plug-in, log in to the MetaMask wallet, click on the top to select the test network Goerli test network, click buy, and then click the test water pipe to get Ether. Copy Account1 of the Goerli test network and paste it to the test water pipe and click 'REQUEST 0.05 GOETH' to get tokens.
6. Buy ETH Using Ropsten Test Network