2.1. File System

This section discusses the procedure to create projects, files, file systems supported by ChainIDE, etc.

ChainIDE supports multiple file types such as .md, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, etc., which are necessary to create blockchain-based applications.

1. File Explorer

2. Create New Projects and Files

To create a new project or a new file, you simply need to go to the explorer panel and click the project icon, if you want to create a new project and then click the file icon if you want to create a new file.

2.1 Project Creation in ChainIDE

Once you want to create a new project using ChainIDE, you simply need to click on the icon in the explorer panel, once you click there a new project will be created and you can set a name according to the contents inside the folder.

Once you click on the new file icon, a new file will be generated without any name and type, you can give a name and type to your file according to the contents and requirements in the file.

3. Cut, delete, rename, copy, and download the files/project

You can cut, copy, rename, delete, and download the files/folder using the ChainIDE explorer panel. To perform any of these actions, you need to click on the explorer menu shown in the top left menu panel, once you click on the Explorer icon, you can see all the projects and files under the explorer panel, choose any file/folder that you want to delete, cut, copy, rename, or download, and right-click on the selected file/folder, you will get all the options there and you can do any of those actions easily.

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