1. XDC IDE Environment Configuration

This section provides a detailed explanation of the environment configuration for XDC IDE, which is essential for developing and deploying dApps on the XDC blockchain.

1. Create a new XDC Project

Visit ChainIDE and click the "Try Now" button on the front page as shown in the figure below.

Here, you will choose your login method, which includes two options: GitHub and Guest. For this tutorial, select GitHub login, as later on, the use of the Sandbox requires users to log in with GitHub.

After successfully logging in, you will be able to view all files and have the option to create new XDC chain projects.

A pop-up window will appear. On the left side of the pop-up, select "XDC". Then, select a temple to create a new project.

2. Configure Wallet

The XDC IDE provides support for two wallets: Metamask and XDCPay 2.0. However, please note that Metamask and XDCPay 2.0 are not compatible. If both wallets are present, only Metamask will be activated.

If you do not have either Metamask or XDCPay 2.0 installed, the download links for each are provided below. Please install one of the wallets before continuing.

I. Metamask

The official download website for Metamask is: https://metamask.io

II. XDCPay 2.0

The official Chrome Web Store address for XDCPay 2.0 is: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/xdcpay-20/iidmfamdbddcbjmemafekkohbnfiblhp

After installing a wallet, please refresh the page.

Click on the "Connect Wallet" button in the top right corner of the screen and select "Injected Web3 Provider" to choose the wallet you would like to connect.

After connecting the wallet, Metamask users can follow the prompt in the bottom right corner of the screen to switch their wallet to the XDC Mainnet or Testnet networks.

XDCPay users must switch networks within their wallet to connect to their desired network.

Users can visit https://faucet.apothem.network/ and enter their wallet address to claim test tokens. If you are using Metamask, you must replace the "0x" at the start of your address with "xdc". For example, if your address was 0x82825C3fa24116F6ED719dd1e820DBD952c4D237, you would enter xdc82825C3fa24116F6ED719dd1e820DBD952c4D237 in the "Enter your XDC address" field.

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