1. Conflux IDE Environment Configuration

A guide on how to create a Conflux project and configure the Conflux wallet to get tokens

1. Create a new Conflux Project

Visit ChainIDE and click the "Try Now" button on the front page of ChainIDE as shown in the figure below.

Here, you will choose your login method, which includes two options: GitHub and Guest. For this tutorial, select GitHub login, as later on, the use of the Sandbox requires users to log in with GitHub.

Click the "New Project" button.

A pop-up window will appear. On the left side of the pop-up, select "Conflux". Then, select a temple to create a new project.

2. Configure Wallet

Conflux is currently divided into two types of networks: Conflux eSpace and Conflux Core. Conflux has introduced a new space that is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), known as Conflux eSpace, while the previous space is referred to as Conflux Core. Conflux eSpace follows the same rules as the EVM and supports Ethereum RPC (Remote Procedure Call) commands, such as eth_getBalance. Therefore, tools from the Ethereum ecosystem can be directly used on Conflux.

2.1 Conflux eSpace

Connecting to Conflux eSpace is easy through Metamask. Below is a configuration tutorial for Metamask:

Step 1: Install MetaMask Extension

  1. Open your browser (preferably Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).

  2. Click on "Download" and choose the version suitable for your browser.

  3. Install the MetaMask extension and set up a password as prompted.

Step 2: Create or Restore an Account

  1. After installing MetaMask, click on the MetaMask icon in the top right corner of your browser.

  2. If you don't have a MetaMask account, choose "Create a Wallet." If you already have an account, select "Import Account" (if importing from a mnemonic phrase or private key) or "Connect a Wallet" (if importing from another wallet).

  3. If you're a new user, follow the steps to create an account and securely back up your mnemonic phrase.

Step 3: Explore the MetaMask Interface

  1. Once your account is created, you'll see the main MetaMask interface. Here, you can view your balance, add assets, check transaction history, and more.

Step 4: Connect to Conflux Network

  1. In the next section, will be told how to connect to the mainnet and testnet.

Step 5: Obtain test tokens

  1. A faucet is the site/place where you can get test tokens. Use them to make sure your wallet has enough assets to cover the cost of deployment and pay transaction gas.

You can claim test tokens at the following link.


Conflux eSpace Testnet

2.2 Conflux Core

Through Fluent Wallet, you can easily connect to Conflux Core. Please visit their official website: https://fluentwallet.com for wallet installation.

You can claim test tokens at the following link:


Conflux Core Testnet

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