4. ChainIDE - Saving Your Work

ChainIDE allows you to save/load your work to/from Github.

Saving to ChainIDE

ChainIDE now allows you to save your work. To save your work, select the following menu options.

Once you have completed your project, you need to sign in to save your work using ChainIDE, because sign-in information would be used against recording data and access the data from any other system for later usage. The sign-in option is available at the top-right, you can simply sign in using the Github profile.

Once the user sign-in, project work can be shown in the dashboard, to save it permanently as a template, a user need to save it.

There are three mentioned below options are available, once you create a project.

  1. Open: This option allows a user to open the smart contract for editing purposes.

  2. Delete: This option lets a user delete a project if the user wants to delete all the projects at once, then the user needs to select the "select all" option, and all the projects would be selected.

  3. Save: This option allows a user to save the project as a private template and provides access from any device.

To save the project as a private template, a user needs to provide a template name and description. Template type would be automatically selected as private because only the admin has the access to create public templates. Once you fill in all the required information and click "Ok", the project would be saved as a private template.

Once you save the projects as a private template, all projects can be found under the private template dashboard, user can make changes to these templates, edit the template information, and can delete also.

To make changes to the private templates, a user needs to go to "Private Template Manage" as shown in the figure below.

Once a user selects "Private Templates Manager", the user can edit, delete, and change the template name and description. As shown in the figure below, if a user wants to open the template, needs to select option 1, if want to delete the template, needs to select option 2, and if want to rename the template name, its description, or version, then need to select option 3.

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