2.3. File Preview

This section covers the detail of file preview function that is available in editor panel

ChainIDE supports multiple languages such as Solidity, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Markdown, etc. It allows its users to create, edit, and view the output of HTML files. Using web3 users after deploying the smart contract on a blockchain usually create an HTML web page that uses JavaScript, CSS, and other front-end designing programming languages. ChainIDE provides a one-stop solution for all the problems, users don't need to go to any other platform to create a front-end to interact with smart contracts. They can build user-friendly, modern, and interactive applications by using just ChainIDE.

Figure 1 shows the procedure to see the output of Markdown and HTML files using ChainIDE. Once you have created and completed the coding, just simply click on the highlighted button to see the output of your HTML and Markdown files. The file preview button is file dependent, it's only shown when the file that has a preview facility is open in the editor panel, otherwise, this button is not shown in the editor panel.

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