V 2.1.1 (03-07-2022)

This release mainly focuses on bug fixes and add support for Conflux eSpace.


  • When the template is saved, sometimes the fields are not saved completely.
  • Solidity contract query uint field contains "" problem.
  • The return value of the Solidity contract array sometimes has an incorrect number of [].
  • The problem that the Solidity contract revert function fails.
  • Soldity contract compilation optimization is disabled by default.
  • Conflux IDE Solidity contract bytes return value format optimization problem.
  • Importing contracts sometimes fails to import.
  • When importing compressed files, sometimes there is a problem with incorrect warnings.
  • Some page optimization issues.

New features

  • The EVM series public chain has added the corresponding transaction details jump link in its output column.
  • Conflux IDE adds address translation tools.
  • The original portal wallet of Conflux IDE is no longer supported, and it is changed to Fluent Wallet.
  • Conflux IDE has added eSpace support to perform smart contract-related operations on the eSpace mainnet and testnet.
  • Conflux IDE adds JavaScript VM.