V 2.1.3 (04-22-2022)

This version introduces FISCO BCOS support and addresses some existing issues.


  • FISCO BCOS Blockchain Support: Integrated support for the FISCO BCOS blockchain into ChainIDE. Users can now write, compile, deploy, and interact with deployed smart contracts on FISCO BCOS with ChainIDE.

  • Enhanced Debugging: Added a debugger plug-in to EVM-supported public blockchains, allowing developers to debug smart contracts using the JS VM (Javascript Virtual Machine).

  • New User Guide: Introduced a guide button that provides guidance on all of the essential modules of ChainIDE to help new users quickly and easily start developing with ChainIDE.

Fixed Issues

  • Added details about terminal usage.

  • Resolved page optimization issues.

  • Fixed an issue with JS VM's lack of decoded input and decoded output.

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