V 2.1.5 (05-30-2022)

This version introduces multiple new features, expands wallet support, and addresses some existing issues.


  • WalletConnect Support: Added WalletConnect support for ETH, Polygon, and supported hardware wallet connections.

  • Fluent Wallet Support: Added support for Conflux Fluent Wallet.

  • Enhanced Error Reporting: Added precise error location reporting. After compiling a smart contract, the output panel now displays the error line number, making debugging easier and more efficient.

  • Auto-Compile: The CTRL + S command now auto-compiles your smart contract.

  • Improved Contract Selection: The sorting process for compiled contracts has been optimized to improve the user experience when working with multiple contracts.

  • One-Click Contract Clearing: To streamline contract management, a convenient button has been added to the INTERACT panel, allowing you to clear deployed contracts with a single click.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed various UI/UX issues.

  • Fixed an issue with the 'require' statement in the Solidity contract missing the error display.

  • Replaced the CDN for jsdelivr.net.

  • Optimized file system performance.

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