V 2.1.5 (05-30-2022)

This version mainly adds support and fixes such as Wallet Connect and require error reporting.


  • Some UI/UX issues have been fixed.
  • The problem with the 'require' statement in the Solidity contract missing the error display.
  • Replaced the CDN for
  • File system performance has been optimized.

New Features

  • Added Wallet Connect support to ETH, Polygon's wallet connection, and supporting hardware wallet connection.
  • Added support for Conflux Fluent wallet.
  • The precise error location reporting (error line number) in the output panel, after the smart contract is compiled.
  • CTRL + S auto compiles the smart contract.
  • Sorting optimization when choosing compiled contracts.
  • Added a button for one-click clearing of deployed contracts on the INTERACT panel.