V 2.1.7 (01-16-2023)

This version introduces new features, including the Solidity Smart Contract Verifier plug-in, and addresses some existing issues.


  • Solidity Smart Contract Verifier: Added the Solidity Smart Contract Verifier plugin. Now, users can validate their smart contracts with ease using a simple single-click action (ctrl+right-click on the mouse).

  • Improved Code Navigation: With the latest update, users can click on the Solidity code in an import line to instantly jump to the original file and view its code.

  • 'Format Document' Function: Added the 'Format Document' function to the right-click menu, enabling users to effortlessly format their code.

Fixed Issues

  • Resolved some existing UI/UX issues.

  • Resolved a JavaScript Virtual Machine bug.

  • Fixed a bug in the Markdown Preview function.

  • Resolved an issue where the project preview occasionally does not display.

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