V 2.2.0 (04-15-2023)

This version introduces the beta version of ChainIDE UAT and addresses some existing issues.


  • ChainIDE UAT Beta Version: The beta version of ChainIDE UAT is now available for a limited time, offering users a chance to experience its features before the official release.

  • Enhanced User Security: In response to recent phishing incidents in the blockchain space, we have implemented user security warnings in this update. These warnings aim to safeguard our users and prevent scams, ensuring a secure environment.

  • ChainIDE x BNB Zero2Hero Event: The ChainIDE x BNB Zero2Hero event is live! A notification has been added to the platform with information about the event.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issues with the interface and images for Nervos.

  • Fixed issues causing the file system to be unstable.

  • Text and hint optimization issues.

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