V 2.2.1 (05-15-2023)

This version introduces a new feature, the GitHub plug-in, and addresses some existing issues.


  • Added GitHub Plug-in: ChainIDE now includes a GitHub plug-in, enabling users to create repositories on GitHub directly from ChainIDE.
  • Enhanced Source Code Management: With the GitHub integration, developers can effortlessly push source code from their local repository in ChainIDE to a remote repository on GitHub.
  • Streamlined Collaboration: The GitHub plugin allows users to pull repositories from GitHub to ChainIDE, make commits, and easily push changes back to GitHub, promoting seamless collaboration and version control.
  • ChainIDE and Cookbook cooperated to integrate ChainIDE with Cookbook.dev. Users can now directly import the smart contracts available on Cookbook.dev into ChainIDE in just one click.
  • The project limit has been removed. Users can now create and save an unlimited number of projects in ChainIDE.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed bugs in the UAT environment.