2. Environment Settings- Wallet Configuration

In this tutorial, the environment configuration required before ChainIDE is used will be introduced in detail.
ChainIDE allows users to write, compile, and deploy smart contracts. A blockchain, where you need to deploy your smart contract, is required, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Conflux, ICP, etc. You can create, write, and compile your smart contract using ChainIDE without any blockchain. But for the deployment purpose, a blockchain is needed, and each blockchain requires a gas fee for deploying the smart contract and interacting with the deployed smart contract. You will have to pay the gas fee according to the transaction computation power whenever you need to make some transaction(s) to the deployed smart contract. For deployment purposes, blockchains have provided the facility to check the smart contract first on the test network before you deploy it on the main network. For testing purposes, dummy gas is provided by the blockchains for free. To pay the gas fee for the deployment of your smart contract and make transactions to the deployed smart contract, a wallet is used; there are different kinds of wallets available such as Mist, Exodus, Guard Wallet, MetaMask, Conflux Portal, etc., but the MetaMask is the most commonly used wallet as it is very user friendly, supports a large number of cryptocurrencies, very easy to manage multiple wallets and switch between main and test networks. Once you have installed and created your wallet, a 42-character unique address starting with 0X will be assigned to you. You can use that address to send and receive crypto assets worldwide and can buy dummy or real crypto assets for your test network and main network, respectively.

1. Install the browser plug-ins of Metamask and Binance Chain Wallet

1.1. Install the browser plug-in of Metamask

To install MetaMask, you need to visit: https://metamask.io/. You can install it for Chrome, IOS, and Android. For this tutorial, we will download it for Chrome. Once you click on the link given above, it will redirect you to the Google Play Store and add browser extensions. And register an account to log in.
1. Install MetaMask Browser Plugin
BNB Chain has introduced its own wallet called Binance Chain Wallet, if you want to deploy your smart contract on Binance Smart Chain, you can use either MetaMask or Binance Smart Chain Wallet, and we will explain all the steps for both methods.

1.2 Install the browser plugin of Binance Chain Wallet

Click here or Search Binance Chain Wallet in the Chrome Web App Store of the corresponding browser store category and add browser extensions. And register an account to log in.
2. Install Binance Chain Wallet Broswer Plugin for BSC

2. Binance Chain Wallet and MetaMask Wallet configuration with BNB Chain

2. Wallets Configuration for BSC

3. MetaMask Wallet Configuration with Ethereum

3. MetaMask Wallet Configuration with Ethereum Blockchain