1. Polygon IDE Environment Configuration

Guidance on how to create a project using ChainIDE, configure MetaMask and deploy it on Polygon Blockchain.
First, enter the ChainIDE entry page, click "Try Now", you can view all files, and click New Project to create Binance, Chain33, Ethereum, Fabric, Conflux, Dfinity, Nervos, and Polygon chain projects. For this tutorial, we will use Polygon blockchain to deploy the smart contract, so we will use PolygonIDE.
1. Templates for Polygon Blockchain
2. Clone a Project from GitHub
Following figure 2, you can clone a project to ChainIDE from GitHub. First of all, choose a blockchain, then click on the "Clone from GitHub", and then paste the link for your GitHub repository highlighted as point 3 in figure 2. After pasting the repository link, once you click the "Confirm Import" button, all the projects from the given repository link will be imported to ChainIDE.
3. Upload a project from local storage
Following figure 3, you can upload a project from your local storage, and then use ChainIDE to compile, and deploy the smart contract on the Polygon blockchain and after deploying it, make interactions with the deployed smart contract.
4. Polygon IDE when not connected with MetaMask
Once you have chosen the project, the next step is to compile, and after successful compilation, the ABI and file will be generated and then you can deploy your smart contract. Once it is deployed on the blockchain, you can make an interaction with the deployed smart contract from the "Deployment & Interaction" panel of ChainIDE. But before deployment, you'll have to install MetaMask and configure it for the Polygon blockchain.

Configure wallet (MetaMask official download site: https://metamask.io/;)

After creating the project, click the unconnected button in the upper right corner, select the Injected Web3 Provider button, and select the Metamask wallet to connect to the Metamask wallet (Polygon Mainnet is the main network, and Mumbai is the test network).
5. Polygon IDE after connecting with MetaMask
6. MetaMask configuration for Polygon IDE
7. Buy dummy Matic tokens using Polygon faucet network
Click Switch network to switch to the corresponding network, and click the middle of the wallet to copy the wallet address. Go to https://faucet.polygon.technology/, paste the address you just copied, and click Submit to get a test coin.