2. How to use FISCO BCOS IDE?

1. Create a Smart Contract

Click the New File button at the top of the file system (currently supported file types are 'txt','sol', 'md','compiled','deployed', 'json','txt', 'js', 'css','html', 'go' ,'sum','mod' ), click on the Storage.sol file here, this is a very simple depository smart contract that users can change according to their needs.

2. Compile the Smart Contract

Click Compile on the right menu bar to open the compilation module, select the compiler version number, and choose whether to enable optimization. Then click the "Compile Storage.sol" button to compile the solidity file. After the compilation is successful, ABI and bytecode will be displayed below, and Compile contract success will be output on the console.

3. Deploy the Smart Contract

Click the Deploy&Interaction button on the right, select the contract file you want to deploy, and then click "Deploy" to deploy the contract. The successful deployment will display contract-related information on the console and contract-related information on the interactive page.

4. Contract Interaction

After the contract is deployed successfully, you can interact with the contract. Enter an unsigned integer under store and click Submit to submit the information to the blockchain. If the interaction is successful, the transaction hash will be displayed on the Output. Click the transaction hash to view the specific information. At this point, click the retrieve button to view the value just stored through the store.

5. Transaction Inquiry

Click the Transaction button on the right to display the transaction details page, you can view the information of each transaction and the confirmed time of the transaction, and click more to view the detailed information.